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About Immozy:
Who's behind Immozy?
Immozy is a new startup from Hamburg that aims to democratize private real estate purchases. The founding team consists of experienced real estate and IT experts and is based in our beautiful office in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld with its own and freelance employees.
What makes Immozy different from existing platforms?
You are not one of many for us, but one that is important to us! Immozy offers two very concrete advantages over other platforms: Firstly, our matching algorithm, which automatically finds the most suitable properties for you from the entire online offer based on your personal needs. And our buying guide, which not only helps you become a real estate expert, but also guides you step-by-step through the process of buying your own home: from finding the right property to financing, viewing and signing the purchase contract.
Why should I use Immozy for finding and buying?
Immozy is your buying companion that answers your questions, simplifies the real estate search, and gives you tools that make buying real estate really simple and easy to understand. We take out the "annoying" and "unsafe" and replace it with intelligent guidance. Automated where it makes sense and personalized where it matters. With Immozy you will not only find more targeted, but you will also reach the conclusion of the purchase faster.
How do I know which property is the best fit for me?
We have created a questionnaire for you, called "Onboarding", in which we ask you how you would like to live. After you have gone through our onboarding, you will be shown exactly the properties that really suit you. So you don't have to manually rummage through long lists like on some other platforms. Our algorithm has already done that for you!
Is Immozy safe?
Yes, as a limited liability company based in Germany, we are subject to German legislation and, accordingly, the strict German data protection laws. Immozy is not only committed to protecting your data - we are also independent. This means that Immozy acts independently and does not belong to any large parent company or the like. We carefully select our partners, e.g. financial advisors, and also pay attention to their independence and trust.
Why is Immozy free and how does Immozy make money?
Immozy is completely and permanently free of charge for you as a user. We also attach importance to the fact that we are 100% incorruptible, no one can present their properties for sale better in the ranking at Immozy against payment. Immozy receives money from our verified partners when Immozy users take advantage of consultations. Immozy also receives a small amount of money from the respective broker or financier when a property is purchased or financed through Immozy.
Is Immozy a broker? How can I contact the seller?
No, Immozy is not a real estate agent. We work directly with a large network of marketers and ensure that the properties from our partners are listed on our website. You can contact the seller of a property directly through us or let us guide you through the whole process. We will not leave you alone!
What is the best way and time to contact Immozy?
You can call our customer service anytime from Monday to Friday from 08-18 o'clock: 040 524 77 494. We will be happy to call you back when it suits you best. Otherwise, you can send us a chat message via the icon at the bottom right of the image. Or you can send us an email to kontakt@immozy.de.
How do all the properties actually get onto the Immozy platform?
Immozy uses data from existing market aggregators. However, most of the properties on our platform are now listed directly with us by the brokers. This is easily done via the respective broker software used. We thus create a high market penetration per city in which Immozy is active, i.e. we can offer you a very large number of relevant properties.
Can I find rental properties on Immozy?
No, at Immozy you can currently only buy real estate. Except in exceptional cases, renting doesn't pay off in the long run, so we're big fans of owning your own four walls. This is also confirmed by our users: >80% would like to own their own home - but only about 40% have reached their goal so far. That's why there's now Immozy!
How can I forward suggestions or feedback?
You can always leave feedback or suggestions on Trustpilot or Google Reviews! Of course you can also contact us by phone, chat or email and we will take care of your request immediately, be it praise, criticism, suggestions or questions. We are very happy about your opinion!
I am xyz and would like to work with Immozy. What would I need to do?
Please contact us by phone, email or chat if you would like to work with us as a certified partner. We will get back to you as soon as possible and discuss everything with you, including our onboarding process.
Can I also sell my property on Immozy?
Private users can currently not yet sell or offer their property directly with us. All offered properties are uploaded and offered by our partner brokers. If you would like to see your property on Immozy, just contact your real estate agent! If he or she is not yet an Immozy partner, we can also accept your broker as an additional partner after checking.
My Account:
My password or username was not recognized. Access was denied. What can I do?
You can either reset your password yourself or contact us at any time if you really don't have access to your account anymore. Just send us an email and describe your situation.
How can I delete my account on Immozy?
You may delete your account by sending an email to kontakt@immozy.de. When your account is deleted, Immozy removes all your personal data. All of them, including your saved properties in the wishlist and documents that you have shared with us.
How do I register as a searcher?
It's easy! On our homepage you click on "Start now" and then you can register. P.S.: With us you will quickly go from searching to finding.
What languages does the Immozy website support?
Currently, the languages German and English are supported. We are working on offering more languages on Immozy soon. You can already contact our customer service in multiple languages!
How can I change my deposited e-mail address?
You can change your email at any time. To do this, you should click on the profile icon in the upper right corner, go to your profile and there you can change the email address.
What information does Immozy collect and process?
Immozy takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your (personal) data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. You can find out exactly what data we collect from you at any time in our privacy policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time - we don't bite!
Buying Process
What is the best way to prepare for a real estate search?
The most important thing is that you think about yourself: how and where do you want to live in the future? What amount are you willing to pay as equity and monthly interest and repayment installments? Here, you will not only be helped by our "Finder", which queries your needs and suggests perfectly suitable properties, but also by our financing calculator and our buying guide. In this article we have summarized for you which documents you should already look for.
How do I search and find a property?
With Immozy you will be accompanied by a platform where you will no longer miss any property. With your search profile, you can define all the necessary parameters. Keep in mind that the more details you want, the more limited but also more accurate your selection will be. In the current market, each property has at least 30 interested parties, only one can buy. Flexibility and compromise allow you a wider choice.
How can I make sure that the property has no defects and that I am paying the right price?
Before you make an offer to buy, make sure that the asking price is in line with the market price, again the financier will help you here. The structural and technical condition of the property should also be checked. Here, too, we are happy to recommend an expert who will inspect and check the property together with you. This is especially true for older properties and buildings with obvious defects. Otherwise you can quickly be caught in the renovation cost trap.
When do I make the purchase offer?
If you think you have found your dream home, be quick, it may happen several times that another buyer wins the bid. Do not pay too much, stay within your budget. The bank will finance at most the mortgage lending value, everything that has to be paid above that comes out of your own pocket and absorbs equity, which you may have earmarked for equipment and modernization. Ultimately, the decision is yours - our buying guide ensures that you are optimally prepared and able to make quick and correct decisions.
How high are the ancillary costs?
The additional costs consist of the real estate transfer tax (e.g. in Hamburg 4.5%), the notary costs including fees at the district court (approx. 1.5%) and, if applicable, the brokerage fee (uniformly 3.57% according to the new double fee law of Dec. 2020).
Do I have to do anything after the transfer?
After the transfer is completed, you are obliged to change the energy contracts, telephone and Internet in your name. Also, do not forget the new registration confirmation, if necessary, change of identity card and vehicle registration document. You can get information about the tax payment directly from the tax office. The land transfer tax and the property tax are the basis for this.
Any questions left?