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Press article
Hamburg Startups, March 2022
Immozy smart up when buying real estate
Many people still dream of owning their own home, but the search for a suitable and affordable property is becoming increasingly difficult. The startup Immozy now offers itself as a digital helper.
German Start Ups, March 2022
7 new startups: Essence, CS Blocks, Truckhell, senvo, Laboraid, Immozy, notarity
The offer is primarily aimed at private individuals who would like to buy a property and are finding it difficult to do so in the current difficult market environment.
DEAL Magazine, February 2022
Immozy launches digital real estate buying guide
The Hamburg-based proptech startup "Immozy", founded in 2021, is launching a new digital buying companion with a matching algorithm.
Startup Insider, May 2022
Young Startups – Shavent, Variand Furniture & Immozy
Immozy is the digital buying companion that supports and advises buyers every step of the way - from finding a suitable residential property to the notary appointment and closing the sale.
Handelsblatt, May 2022
How a gamer wants to shake up the real estate industry
In the new real estate Podcast the Michael Voigtländer of Institut of the German economy and moderator Hauke Wagner speak with Immozy founder Ralf Baumann about the difficult terrain of the housing search
IZ, February 2022
Immozy plans digital purchase advisor
The Hamburg-based start-up Immozy is launching a digital companion for the private purchase of residential real estate. The management team includes the former Head of Sales at Immobilienscout 24, Marcus Forrest

Press Kit

Press Kit

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The Founders

Ralf Baumann

Ralf is the architect of Immozy. He has been developing technical solutions to relevant problems for 20 years and now, after his own frustrating experiences in 2020, he has set out to bring real estate buying into the 21st century

Marcel Hoeke

Marcel is Immozy's process specialist. As an ex-proptech CEO and management consultant, he knows what it means to take responsibility. Marcel makes sure that everything runs internally in a halfway orderly fashion and that there is still enough cash in the account at the end of the month.

Marcus Forrest

Marcus is responsible as CSO for all partners on the real estate as well as on the financier side and the interfaces with the searchers. He brings over 20 years of experience, including as Head of Sales for Immobilienscout24, from sales and digital marketplaces.

Carsten Werner

Carsten is the man of the trade at Immozy. As a successful project developer, entrepreneur and investor in the real estate industry for many years, he contributes the necessary know-how in real estate matters.

Monique Reinhold

Monique has over 20 years of experience as a senior leader in marketing for real estate groups as well as PropTechs. She brings this to Immozy as Interim CMO, overseeing our global marketing and branding activities. Master of razor-sharp analysis and clear words.

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