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1. Define Needs
Buying a property is an extensive undertaking and should be well thought through. We help you to ask the right questions and to make the right decision for you.
2. Clarify Funding
After you have decided on an object, we provide you with all documents and help you to understand and check them. We also support you in bringing your own documents up to the necessary standard.
4. Check Property
You are looking for reliable and optimal financing partners, the most favorable interest rates or simply someone who helps you to make safe decisions in terms of finances? We are here for you.
3. Find Property
Thanks to broad market coverage and our innovative matching algorithm, finding your personal dream property in line with your needs is child's play.
5. Buy Real Estate
Nothing is more difficult than being really sure about purchase contracts. We help you to set up the optimal contracts and to check the existing ones thoroughly.
6. Moving in and Living
The road to your own home only ends with the notarization. We take care of the notary appointment. It's that simple.
  • Nina from Hamburg

    “I talked to a very friendly financing advisor who seemed to have real expert knowledge. Can recommend them even for difficult cases!”

  • Can from Hannover

    “My chances have increased significantly through Immozy, not only to be able to find something – but then also getting the house in the end. Thank you guys for being in the business!”

  • Prince from Berlin

    “Super easy to use! I’m thrilled with how easy it was to find a property together with Immozy.”

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